Lifecycle of a Vessel of Marine Structure

  • Basic Design

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    Concept design, basic design, and Class approval

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  • Production Design

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    Detailed engineering for production and installation.

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  • Repair Design

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    Damages due to grounding, collision and their repair

    . . .

  • Retrofit Design

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    Adding new equipment, a system like BWTS, Scrubber….

    . . .

  • Conversion Design

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    Changing the type of vessel like single to double hull, bulk to oil tanker

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The design activity is grouped under areas of expertise

Naval Architecture

Concept Design

Feasibility study and Economic analysis

  • The detailed study of a project to assess its economic feasibility and functional needs.

Concept Design 

  • Preparation of Technical specification, Makers list
  • Preparation of General arrangement, Resistance and powering calculations, Lightship weight estimation
  • Analysis of specification and hull design assistance in the early project stage
  • Preparation of interior arrangements

Initial Design & Basic Design

Hull surface optimization

  • Hull form design
  • Hull optimization using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
The Naval Arch CFD Article

CFD Analysis

Resistance & Propulsion

  • Resistance calculation by empirical, RANS solver and model test
  • Determining engine power, selection of propulsion
  • Propeller design
Propeller Drawing

Propeller Drawing

Model testing & Analysis

  • Model making and testing
  • Resistance test, Propeller test, Paint flow test, Cavitation test
  • Analysis of result and optimization

Seakeeping & Maneuvering

  • Maneuvering calculation
  • Design of rudder and other devices
  • Model test and analysis

Stability Analysis

  • Intact stability, Damage stability
  • Launching calculation
  • Inclining experiment and stability documentation

Mooring Analysis

  • Single Point Mooring
  • Four-Point Mooring
  • Ship-to-Ship (STS) Transfer

Longitudinal Strength Calculation

  • Global Strength Analysis
  • 2-Compartment And 3-compartment Analysis

Deadweight Increase

  • Freeboard Check
  • Scantling Check
  • Stability Check
  • Longitudinal Hull Girder Strength Check
  • Trim Optimization
  • Draft Optimization


  • Seafastening Drawings/ Calculations
  • Lashing Drawings/ Calculations
  • Motion Analysis
  • Loadout Calculations

Classification Society approval drawings

  • Structure design and drawings, Scantling calculations, FE Analysis
  • Machinery arrangement & Piping design
  • Hull outfitting & Accommodation
  • LSA, FFA, LSS drawing
  • Electrical system design
  • Other Classification society drawings

Manuals and Certification

  • IAPP
  • IOPP
  • SPS
  • BWMP
  • SSP,etc.

Structural Engineering

Rules Scantling

  • All IACS Class regulations
  • Rescantling Calculation
  • Plate/ Panel Buckling Analysis
BV Mars

BV Mars

Nesting drawings

Hull Structural Model

Assembly drawings

Assembly Drawing

Assembly Drawing

Welding details

Bill of Material

Finite Element Analysis

Beam Analysis

Ultimate Buckling Check

Lifting Analysis

  • Design of Spreader Beam
  • Lifting Padeyes
  • Design of Offshore Containers and Baskets
  • Design of Lifting Skids
Offshore Basket

Offshore Basket

Mechanical, Piping Engineering

System sizing and Design


Isometric Drawings


3D Layout

Design and Analysis of Pipes, Racks and Supports

Fabrication Drawings

Electrical, Instrumentation Engineering

System sizing and Design

Load Analysis


Cable schedule

Connection and Termination Diagram

Cable Tray Routing

Design Tools

Inclining Experiment

Ship Resistance