Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring provides a variety of tools to measure the performance of your vessel. This can be initiated from the live data inputs such that the monitoring of the vessel will happen in real - time.

Data Monitoring

This vessel is tracked by the latest position on the map. The data monitoring system monitors the crucial parameters from the reported data. This tool creates a systematic method to interpret the reported data.

Hull Performance Monitoring

The Hull Performance Monitoring tool is one that makes the hull performance tracking easily available to the ship owners. ISO 19030 is the method followed by this tool, which focuses on the in-service performance monitoring.

Engine Monitoring

The Main Engine monitoring system helps monitor the engine performance, which in-turn triggers any maintenance. Main engine and the alternate engine can be continuously and simultaneously monitored so as to improve their performance and to reduce their emissions.

Performance Deviation

The Performance Deviation module measures the deviation from the expected performance, the factors affecting the deviation and its corrective measures. It considers the effect of various factors that causes the deviation from the bench-marked values.