Manage your Vessels with XShip VDM

October 22, 2018
Xship VDM provides a web based databank for the ship owners and ship managers to manage all relevant data of the vessel. A major problem faced by the shipping industry is the vessel documents not easily accessible from everywhere. Certificates, class status are some documents that change and not

XShip now armed with live weather from The weather company an IBM Business

October 15, 2018
XShip Design and Analytics, a global marine consultancy and The Weather Company, an IBM business, join hands to innovate and integrate real time weather data to the XShip performance platform paving the way to a step further in the field of vessel management and performance. XShip is currently

XShip Design & Analytics enrolled in 10,000 startups – A NASSCOM initiative

October 15, 2018
  XShip Design & Analytics enrolled as one of the leading startups in 10,000 startups an initiative by

XShip launched Superintendent Inspection Application

September 6, 2018
The application helps ship owners and managers to inspect their vessels to ensure the instructed quality and safety of vessel in compliance with the existing international inspection standards or internal standards. This application is designed and developed with the core idea to meet and calibrate

XShip Resistance tool is launched

September 1, 2018
XShip Resistance is another user friendly tool designed by the team of naval Architects and software engineers in XShip. An Advanced tool that provides more accurate and optimum resistance & powering calculations for the hull model. Ship Designers are the major stakeholders of XShip resistance.

XShip Inclining Software Launched

September 1, 2018
XShip Inclining is a free web-based application for the naval architects and design engineers to generate inclining reports instantly during the experiment. This software can be accessed from any online devices like mobiles, laptops or personal computers. XShip Inclining ensures accurate design

XShip to power your vessels

August 4, 2018
XShip is an advancing global marine consultancy specialized in vessel performance analysis. We have a collection of online tools that covers the life cycle of ship – from design, construction, operation until end of service. Our founders and chief naval architects are long engaged in the marine