International shipping, like every industry, is driven by economics. The revenue and cost implications are a factor in every decision taken. Regulatory compliance and market demands are also essential factors. Since revenue is under stress, and more so in these difficult times, the global economy is going through, the cost Read More
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Speed gain for the vessel
The adaptation of newer technologies in the marine industry is not so common unless the technology yields significant outcomes. Since the marine industry is now changing its phase to more digitally dependent/enhanced to reduce the operational cost and increase economic growth. The introduction of Data analytics in the vessel performance Read More
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Nippon Paint Marine and XShip join hands for ship performance analysis
Nippon Paint Marine, Japan, the fifth largest marine paint manufacturing giant signed agreement with XShip Analytics for providing ship performance analysis of ships using their coating solution as per ISO 19030 guidelines. The agreement was signed by Seiichiro Shirahata, President, Nippon Paint Marine and Sandith Thandasherry, CEO of XShip Analytics. Read More
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COVID-19 pandemic is creating operational challenges worldwide and the shipping industry is no different, increasingly shifting their operations to work remotely and to help in stopping the increased spread of the coronavirus. However, The major problem associated with this operational mode in this very industry is the documents related to the vessels/ships are not Read More
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Vessel performance changes with trim
Vessel performance changes with trim INTRODUCTION Environmental issues along with rising fuel prices have increased the necessity for better energy efficiency in all sectors, especially in the shipping sector which is a stakeholder in environmental issues. The shipping industry, responsible for approximately 3% of global CO2 emissions, 14-15% of global Read More
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