COVID-19 pandemic is creating operational challenges worldwide and shipping industry is no different, increasingly shifting their operations to work remotely and to help in stopping the increased spread of the corona virus. However, The major problem associated with this operational mode in this very industry is the documents related to the vessels/ships are not Read More
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INTRODUCTION Environmental issues along with rising fuel prices has increased the necessity for better energy efficiency in all sectors, especially in shipping sector which is a stakeholder in environmental issues. Shipping industry, responsible for approximately 3% of global CO2 emissions, 14-15% of global NOX emissions and 16% of global SOX Read More
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Shipping is the most dominant means of transport that facilitate global trade. Over 90% of world trade is done by ships[1]. Fuel onboard ships, commonly referred to as “bunkers”, has become the largest cost item of a ship’s Operational Expenses (OPEX), accounting today almost 50% of a voyage cost, even Read More
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The new office of XShip Design & analytics is inaugurated on Monday 5th august by Mr Sandith Thandasherry, CEO, XShip. The new office was opened as a part of company’s expansion to increase its presence in growing marine industry. Established in 2018, XShip have emerged as a leading marine consultancy Read More
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XShip Design & Analytics Pvt. Ltd has won a major deal for vessel performance analysis with a leading ship management firm in Middle East. XShip now enjoys an outstanding reputation among ship owners & ship managers. Our excellent know-how and timely support for the clients make us popular in the industry and many Read More
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