Why Marine electronic logbook is essential?

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International Maritime regulation requires all ships to carry a deck and engine log book to record performance of the ship, her machinery, boilers and other daily events including ship’s position, speed, course, weather conditions, fuel consumption, tank soundings, machinery operating pressures and temperatures and any incidents which may appear to be of importance to safety of life at sea, prevention of pollution to the marine environment, etc. It maintains a record of navigation and engineering activities and incidents which must contain sufficient details to restore a complete record of the voyage. Methods of recording should be permanent and may be handwritten, electronically or mechanical.

Why E Logbook is essential?

As the manual log book entry is not only tedious and time consuming job but also an important routine activity which has no space for carelessness. Moreover maintaining such paper records is very difficult and risky as a small accident or carelessness can wipe out the entire history of engine room. As an important document it should be free of errors. It is for these reasons that there is a strong need to replace paper log books with electronic log book and one of our clients had approached us to offer a suitable solution for their container fleet.

How our E logbook can improve the operations?

XShip E-Logbook is a perfect Electronic logbook platform to replace the conventional manual logbooks. It is designed and personalized to cope with the exact standards with the privilege of reduced workload. It replaces paper logbooks, improving data reliability and minimizing the risk of human errors. Data entered from different users can be integrated and approved with proper checks.The feature adds in creating good quality data base. XShip E-logbook enables data entries via Smartphone, makes the crew to input data from their location onboard.

XShip E-Logbook system ensures the data quality and the processed data can be stored and used in another platform like XShip vessel performance analysis to deliver better results. High quality and error free data is essential in analyzing the performance of a vessel or a fleet of vessels accurately and efficiently. Majority of shipping companies are using the performance systems on manual logged data or noon data.

How it can be used?

XShip E Logbook can replace several paper logbooks, including;

Deck log book

Engine log book

ME Performance Monitoring

AE Performance Monitoring

Scrubber log book

These solutions can be tailored to the requirements of the user. Any other log book required by the vessel can be made a part of this suite. XShip Advanced data validation technique embedded in the platform helps in identifying reporting errors immediately and suggests corrective measures. Chief engineer/ Master can quickly verify the watch logs entered by the junior engineers.

An online monitoring dashboard is available on shore. The entries carried out on board are available on shore in order to constantly monitor and support the crew in case of need.

Advantages of E Logbook

XShip E Log book is an essential tool as it;

· Simplifies data entry and storage

· Improves data quality

· Compliance with regulatory requirements

· Reduces workload and save considerable time and effort for Officers

· Replaces paper logs

· Easy accessibility

· Increases transparency

· Allows data availability ashore

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