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COVID-19 pandemic is creating operational challenges worldwide and the shipping industry is no different, increasingly shifting their operations to work remotely and to help in stopping the increased spread of the coronavirus. However, The major problem associated with this operational mode in this very industry is the documents related to the vessels/ships are not easily accessible from everywhere to the right person/employee. During this remotely working days, physical files with ship data will be out of reach, and accessing a shared local file server seems quite a hardship.

It is now time to migrate to cloud storage where the documents and information related to your vessel can be securely saved and accessed from any online devices including smartphones.

Introducing a smart vessel management system from XShip that ensures your operation smooth and efficient providing easy access for all reports, certificates, compliance details, drawings and manuals, machinery test data to the onboard crew, land-based staff like vessel managers, DPAs and auditors.

XShip Smart Data” is an online vessel data management solution providing an easy-to-use-interface. All information regarding the vessel including the maintenance reports makes decision-making simpler. The system can generate alerts based on certificate expiry, inspection reports, and many more which will help you to keep updated.

As per the guidelines from medical authorities it is highly recommended to work from home to avoid the spread of disease. Shifting to digital ways will help the industry to work easily and efficiently.

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