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Vessels : Container vessels

Scope of assessment : Assessment of common reporting errors and its rectification

Conclusion : A major error associated with fuel reporting was identified. It helped the owners to rectify the issue in calibration of fuel flow meters

Merits of XShip Data Monitoring

XShip Performance monitoring module offers a variety of tools to measure the actual vessel performance. XShip is well known for accurate analysis of live data inputs from the vessel and providing the owners and ship managers an insight on the status of their vessels across the world. The data monitoring system helps you to monitor the key parameters from the reported data giving you a feedback on your action.Relevant parameters are selected based on the vessel category. This tool creates a systematic method to interpret the reported data. Features includes vessel tracking on a world chart and tracking of the fuel, lube oil consumption and power against vessel speed to highlight overall vessel efficiency. XShip allows the users to plan and decide the key parameters for tracking and the tool can be customized based on these requirements.Users can generate reliable monthly reports in PDF formats.

How XShip identified the error in reporting ?

We have been analyzing the live reported data for client over a period of time and it was found that there is a mismatch in the reported FO consumption and ROB against the bunker data.We reported the issue to vessel owners and in further investigation and communication with vessel crew we identified that error in the FO report was due to fuel flow meters. They rectified the calibration issue associated with the fuel flow meters and corrected the reporting. Our study helped the owners to identify and rectify the issues in reporting that would have eventually resulted in wrong calculations of fuel consumption which inturn affects the operational budgets and error in MRV reporting

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