Draft Increase for Container Vessel

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Vessels : 6600 TEU container vessel

Background : Significant revenue loss due to the vessels insufficiency in terms of carrying capacity was experienced by the client. Vessel was operating at the maximum design draft. The client approached us for design solutions to increase the vessel draft in most cost effective way possible.

Scope of Assessment : Identifying the most cost effective way to increase the vessel draft without any major structural modification was the opportunity we hold with.

How we achieved?

Vessel draft can be increased by considering the freeboard, However there may be a structural modification involved. We identified the scantling strength was optimum for the proposed draft increase. It was identified and concluded that vessel draft can be increased without any modification on the ships tructure and keeping the permissible stack weights inhold & onhatch covers remain unchanged. As per the discussion with classification society, stability booklet and other related documents were amended. We have expertise in analyzing the intact stability, probabilistic & deterministic damage stability for a wider ange of vessels we came across.


At a very low cost incurred for modification, client is able to take 4000 tons of cargo on extra.

XShip Design Services

Apart from the vessel performance analysis and Vessel datamanagement, our team of experienced naval architects and engineers can assist shipowners and operators to meet their dynamic need for changing rules and regulations, charter requirements etc, by providing various design solutions for retrofits and engineering. Our expertise covers major design services to cope with the exact needs of our clients.

1.Ship Repair & Modification Design

2.Stability Analysis & Modification

3.Regulatory Modifications

4.Ship System Schematic Drawings

5.New-building Project Management

6.Engineering study for Ballast Water Treatment Plan

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