How Vessel Data Management System Simplifies Operations

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A reputed shipowner, who is our prestigious client was planning to undertake scrubber installation and have appointed a designer for engineering support. In their technical consultancy services, a lot of drawings and data were required including engine room arrangement, Piping schematics, and Structural drawings.

A major problem faced by the shipping industry is the vessel documents not easily accessible from everywhere. Usually most of these drawings will be available onboard the vessel and not necessarily available at shore.

As the shipowner has enrolled his vessels in XShip vessel data management all the ship-related information including minor details like cargo hold area were available at the fingertip which assured smooth decision making and effective project completion.

This reduced the project completion time and cost as the onsite attendance for collecting relevant ship information was less.

XShip SmartData

Xship SmartData provides a web-based data bank for the ship owners and ship managers to manage all relevant data of the vessel.

The main operational advantage of the XShip SmartData system is the capability to handle many users at the same time. With up-to-date information regarding the vessel including the maintenance, reports make decision-making simpler.

Advantages of XShip VDM

Big Database: More than 500 ship-related parameters including minor details like cargo hold paint area, piping details, drawings can be kept in the database for each vessel. Certificates of all the machinery and minor equipment are available

Highly customizable: Our platform provides the flexibility to keep any kind of data – General information, drawings, and manuals, certificates, Inspection reports, vessel images, machinery test data, or any other type of information that needs to be saved for the vessel.

Quick Access: Easy access from any online device

Security & User Permission: The owner can decide and distinguish the data privilege for charterers, designers, or other stakeholders.

Data Validation: The system can generate alerts based on certificate expiry, inspection reports, and many more which will help you to keep updated


XShip VDM is an easy-to-use-interface to maintain and manage all information for a vessel or fleet of vessels. It simplifies the day to day operations or any vessel-related retrofit project saving time and effort.

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