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Vessel: 39,000 DWT Bulk carrier

Background: Installing a ballast water treatment system on an existing vessel is typically complicated than a newbuild. Ballast water treatment system retrofit is not a simple installation of new equipment, it involves feasibility study and detailed engineering.

XShip was contracted to undertake the feasibility study and detailed engineering design for the installation of a BWT system in 39,000 DWT Bulk Carrier.

Scope of Assessment: A feasibility study to identify the suitable location & preparation of all the necessary drawings and plans for class approval and final installation of the Ballast water treatment system

How we achieved?

To prepare for installation, we conducted an onboard survey with a 3D scanning partner to identify the best possible location for the equipment and to gather information on ballasting operations. After processing the information gathered, a 3D model was developed. It helped to evaluate the suggested installation and determine how the piping should be routed and the need for additional supporting structures of the installation.

Once the owner accepted the location, we entered into the detailed engineering phase. We used the 3D scan to make the production drawings, piping design drawings, and electrical design drawings which included the pipe routing, changes in the existing piping system, equipment lowering and access plan, and electrical line plans.

We submitted all the necessary documents to the classification society for the approval and liaison with classification society for the approval of the drawings

We also have the capability and experience to undertake the supervision and project management for the installation of Ballast water treatment systems onboard the vessels.

Conclusion: XShip provides services to ship owners all around the world, we can undertake all or part of the technical aspects of the retrofit job from concept and basic design to detail design and supervision

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