Engineering study for installation of additional sea chest

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Vessel: 104,183 DWT Bulk carrier

Background: As the vessel is planned to undertake scrubber installation, there is a requirement of additional sea chest fabrication for the intakes and outlets of the scrubber. The client engaged us in an engineering study and design solutions to finalize the sea chest position and piping onboard.

Scope of Assessment: Engineering study to identify the position of additional sea chest and preparation of all necessary drawings in the most cost-effective way.

How we achieved?

As the vessel, 3D scanned model was not available. Usually, in such cases, designers undertake 3D scanning and prepare a 3D model to prepare the engineering drawings. Our vast experience and expertise made us analyse the exiting structural drawings, double bottom drawings, and engine room construction drawings to propose a suitable location for the additional sea chest. Once the location was finalized we conducted a feasibility study onboard the vessel to finalize the same. Sea chest drawings, hull penetration, side shell cutting drawings, piping diagrams, and other production drawings were prepared and made approved by DNV-class. As the 3D scanning and modeling were not considered for this engineering study there was a huge advantage in savings for the client.

Conclusion: At a very low cost incurred client could complete the engineering study and drawings prepared for the additional sea chest installation.

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