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It is estimated to have more than 100 Ferry operators across the country. We find it a bit odd that despite high experience in operating a large number of ferries for long years, efficient fuel monitoring, vessel tracking, and advanced online ticketing is still considered to be a technology or solution which exist miles apart.

Current Scenario

Ferry owners and operators have to rely on information provided by on-board personnel or crew. This information may be subjected to human errors and manipulations and cannot be considered reliable. The result is a huge loss in many ways, viz high fuel usage, improper maintenance, unorganized trip schedules, etc.

XShip Fleet Live

Fleet Live is more than a solution, it’s a platform where all the essential fleet management solutions are arranged and kept customized. It is updated to fulfill the very needs of its customers“Customization” its a big word in the software services industry and XShip very well knows the significance of delivering completely customizable solutions and we believe this as our quality rather than uniqueness. We designed Fleet Live following the same path and procedures we do to serve our shipping industry clients and developed to perfection to meet the exact requirements or needs and deliver it efficiently.

Features in XShip Fleet Live

Fleet Live enables the vessel operators and owners to track and locate the boats in real-time. It provides accurate locations of vessels and vessel’s speed at periodic time intervals. A vessel tracking system will play a very important role by bringing about long-range connectivity. Vessel mishaps can be easily tracked and losses can be minimized by initiating fast – rescue operations. The system also improves the operating efficiency as the vessel owners and operators can track their fuel consumption, engine health, and plan the vessel maintenance. The system is suitable for electric driven or conventional engine-driven boats. Route feasibility reports can be generated with fewer efforts using this software. XShip Fleet Live is also equipped with features like live weather and voyage planning which will reduce the time and effort of vessel operators.

How XShip Fleet Live works?

The on-board units measure the operational parameters of the boats(state of the switches, fuel consumption, engine parameters,etc.), and its position (aided by GPS-based location), and they store the data given by the driver (the name of the actual activity, etc.). These parameters are sent to a central server at the actualization of previously defined events (alarm-signal, sudden decrease in fuel level,etc.) and in previously defined periods of time. On-board units communicate with the central server through mobile systems. The incoming data are evaluated and stored in a relational database. If necessary the central server can send an alarm to a given e-mail address or even a mobile phone. In this structure, the communication from the server towards the vehicle is plausible as well. Aided by this the incoming data packages can be confirmed, a text message can be sent to the driver and the parameters of the on-board unit can be set. Boats are detectable and observable almost constantly (on-line) and the operating parameters (running performance, fuel consumption, activities and work time of drivers, delivery performance) can be followed by a later evaluation of data stored in the centre (off-line).

The output from XShip Fleet Live

Optimize operations: Track and monitor your vessels in real-time. The smart system will also alert you on a deviation of routes, distance covered, and avoid misuse of your vessel. By doing these you will reduce time wasted on the deviation and also save on fuel costs.

Cost Saving: Using our latest technology of fuel monitoring, you can now track fuel usage. You can track the engine health and plan the vessel maintenance accordingly.

Efficient Route Planning: Route feasibility reports can be generated with lesser efforts. Features like live weather and voyage planning which will reduce the time and effort of vessel operators.

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