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Vessel: Bulk Carrier

Scope of assessment: Evaluate the vessel performance in view of the underperformance claim for the vessel. The vessel underwent a propeller modification to increase the light running margin.

Conclusion: On evaluating the reported data after the propeller modification, It was evident that the light running margin has increased and the underperformance claim was true. The analysis showed that there was a reporting error in the Power, which was later confirmed by the vessel.

How XShip solved the problem?

Data before and after the propeller retrofit was evaluated to check the running margin. Results showed that the light running margin for the vessels has increased from1% to 6% on an average. The underperformance claim was verified through the Charter Party Analysis tool of XShip which showed that the claim was right. We analyzed the vessel performance before and after the propeller modification. It was observed that there was no fuel loss due to the propeller modification in running condition, and there was no gain either. As the propeller modification was done to increase LRM and to ensure reserve rpm during maneuvering, the actual purpose was found served and this result was satisfactory. But in contrast to the Fuel analysis result, the vessel was showing an 8% increase in the required power after the modification, which implied that the modification was a loss in terms of power. As XShip gives the result based on the underlying relationship between Fuel and Power with the vessel operating conditions and environmental conditions, The gain/loss in power and fuel must be analogous. The large deviation in power and fuel results led to a detailed investigation and it was noticed that the power reported was high after the modification. The XShip results and conclusion prompted the technical managers to inquire with the vessel. The ship staff agreed that they were reporting a higher ME power to show the charterer that the engine was operating at a higher load as they were not making charter party (CP) speed.

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