XShip E- Logbook : To ensure ease and quality data reporting

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Manual log book entry in ships are tiring and involves lot of errors. Electronic log book can support you by recording your daily operations with precision and accuracy.

Introducing XShip E-Logbook, A perfect Electronic logbook platform to replace the conventional manual logbooks, designed and personalized to cope with the exact standards with the privilege of reduced workload.

Available in monthly subscription. Logging engine/voyage data easily and more accurately. Data entered from different users can be integrated and approved with proper checks. XShip Advanced data validation technique  embedded in the platform helps to identify reporting errors immediately and suggest corrective measures. The feature adds in creating good quality data base. XShip E-logbook enables data entries via Smartphone, makes the crew to input data from there location onboard.

XShip E-Logbook system ensures the data quality and the processed data can be stored and used foranother platform like XShip vessel performance analysis to deliver better results. High quality and error free data is essential in analysing the performance of a vessel or a fleet of vessels more efficiently and XShip knows it well. The more accurate the data, the more accurate will be analysis. Majority of Shipping companies are using the performance systems on manual logged data or noon data.

XShip E-Logbook is highly adaptable platform that can be personalized accordingly  to meet the  specific requirements of vessels or fleets. Customization includes enabling of  shipowners/managers to capture certain events at specific time or sequence.

XShip E-Logbook is designed and developed with the narrative to ease the workload of both crew and management delivering a more accurate and time specific logbook

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