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XShip Perfomance

An Online tool for ship owners & fleet managers for performance monitoring and emission control of vessel.
  • Performance Analysis

    XShip Performance uses a proprietary algorithm to analyse and predict vessel performance.
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  • Performance Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring provides a variety of tools to measure the performance of your vessel.
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    The system is capable of generation of monitoring plan and emission reports by simple means..
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  • EU MRV Module

    EU MRV Module is a leap towards controlling the emissions from maritime transport.
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  • Superintendent Inspection App

    The Application helps owners and managers to inspect their vessels to ensure the instructed quality and safety of the vessel, In compliance with the existing
    inspection standards.
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  • Data Reporting Tool

    Xship Data reporting tool is a unique one, completely cloud based, with its customisability at top. The tool is available in two versions – Noon data collection and ME performance test data collection.
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XShip Design Services

XShip Design Services is a collective platform of different phases or modules that combine to orchestrate design, operations and construction within the scope of shipping industry.

  • New Building Project Management

    Experienced and Multi-Skilled Personals to handle Vessel Projects of  various types.

  • Ship Repair and Modification Design

    Dedicated team of designers provide class approved repair/modification designs to ship owners and yards.

  • Ship System Schematic Drawings

    The Schematic drawings of Vessel in accordance to various regulatory rules.

  • Stability Analysis & Modification

    Prepare stability booklets and commencing modifications accordingly.

  • Vessel Conversion Design

    Dedicated Team of Designers to provide Vessel conversion Designs.

  • CSM Upgrade

    CSM Upgrade to meet classification rules.

XShip Design Tools

XShip Design Tools aims to assist a naval architect or ship designer in the entire
gamut of ship design.

XShip Inclining

Inclining experiment calculation and analysis made easy
through this app. Quick & accurate results along with report
generation which will help the designers.

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XShip Resistance

Helps the designer for resistance calculations using different methods for a hull model

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About Us

XShip is a collection of online tools that covers the life cycle of ship – from design, construction, operation until end of service. The users range from ship designers, builders, operators to shipowners.  We are a young team of naval architects, engineers, data analyst and software developers. All the functionalities are a direct result of experience we earned through customer interaction. Efforts have been made to make the tools easy to use with clean and simple interface.

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